MAC Art Supplies Review and Swatches: Greasepaint Sticks - UPDATED!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MAC Greasepaint Sticks have been very popular since the release of Black in Black Style Collection and V,B in the D2Squared released last year.  They are now coming back with a new release of 8 different Limited Edition colors in Art Supplies.

 These greasepaint sticks are very deceiving from the name because they are far from being greasy.  They are pigmented and glide onto the skin.  I'm not sure how they go on the eyelid but from the swatch alone, they are very smooth.  These are not as creamy as NYX Jumbo Pencils but are pigmented.  The difference between these and NYX is the shimmer/glitter that adds another dimension to them.

Here I have 5 colors for your viewing pleasure.  I didn't pickup Slick Black, Charred Mauve, or Brown Now because the colors didn't quite interest me. However, I will have swatches up for those on Thursday.

Greengrease is a forest green with pearl.  It is a pretty color if you'd like to pair it with green shadows or even a smokey green!

Zinc Zone is a grayish gunmetal color that has shimmer but nothing spectacular.

Dirty is nothing but "dirty"!  It is the most unique color out of the bunch.  It's a taupe with shimmer that is like Smoke & Diamonds version of a greasepaint stick.  I love this one.

Below Ground is a bronze color that we haven't seen in a paint pot.  This would be great paired with bronze or gold pigment.

Uniformly Blue is a deep navy color.  It's nice for a smokey blue look, paired with Deep Truth or a teal for an interesting mix.

Charred Mauve is a dark purple color that doesn't really have too much shimmer. 

Black Slick is a black base without glitter like the previously released Black.  If you need a black base for mineralize eyeshadows, this would be a good one to pick up.

Brown, Now is a reddish brown color.  Not terribly unique as we've seen it in permanent MAC eyeshadows before. 

And if you haven't already noticed, these greasepaint sticks also have a sharpener at the end! So worries about how to sharpen them when they're dull. MAC thinks of everything don't they =)

Overall I like these new greasepaint sticks.  My favorite out of the bunch are Dirty and Below Ground because they are very unique.  I still have to try these out on the lid to see if they're smooth and test the staying power.  The last time I tried Black, it was a disaster b/c it tugged on my lids terribly.  I'll test these out and let you know how they go. I can say I'm now officially a GPS fan.  They didn't tug or flake on my lids like last time.  These glide on the lids smoothly and are really easy to smudge if you want do just put on the crease and smoke out.  Once set, they don't budge!

What are you planning to pick up?


Girly Tomboy Extraordinaire said...

I love the colors of these - especially Dirty. How are they whith creasing? I have deep set eyes and I have probs with creasing, so I have stayed away from these so far.

resham said...

try out soon dear...n tell me if they tugged...:)
I need to buy them sooooon!!!
thank you for the swatches...

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Resham, sorry to disappoint your wallet but..these are great!! They don't tug and glide on so effortlessly. I am now a fan of GPS. I tried on Dirty and Below Ground. Love love love Below Ground! Happy Hauling =)

Abby Q. said...

Wow just looking at that stash just makes me drool! I am so tempted to get them all! :)

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Abby - lol...are you making a list and checking it twice?

Princesa Livia said...

Your swatches look so pretty. I'm loving Slick Black, Below Ground, Dirty and Brown, Now! :)

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Thanks Princesa Livia!

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