MAC Give Me Liberty of London Perennial High Lipglass - Is there A Dupe?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it an optical illusion or is there a dupe for Perennial High Style lipglass?


                                                     Who's the winner?

The contenders are:

Mimmy lipglass is a coral with light shimmer
Ensign lustreglass is a darker peachy coral with a frosty finish
Love Knot lustreglass is a smooth peachy coral with a pink/lilac duochrome

Let's see how they compare in swatches

Clearly Ensign is much closer to Perennial High Style but not quite the same. Mimmy is much lighter and has more shimmer than PHS.  Love Knot is the most deceiving since it looks coral/peach in the tube but swatches as a pink color.

So there you have it folks.  There are actually no real dupes for Perennial High Style. It is unique on its own with a bright peachy color and a creamy finish with no shimmer.  The contenders are optical illusions from the tube after all =)


resham said...

You have a beautiful blog there...
good luck wth all the blogging ventures...:)

resham said...

I came back to see which were teh mystery colors...It sure is a pretty one...:)
Thank you for the comparison swatches...;)

JC said...

They are pretty indeed! Thanks for coming back and commenting resham =)

Ally said...

Now I wanna track down a love Knot LOL

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Ally - it's pretty isn't it? You may want to try the CCO, I think they might have it!

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