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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Luckily my local Nordstrom has these out for pre-sale so I'm able to do a couple of swatches of the collection due out on 3/11/2010. All swatches are on NC30 skin.

                                              Image courtesy of MAC press release

The collection has very cute packaging with white casings and birds and flowers on all the products. Good thing is these are not stickers on the package but actually printed on.  The colors are definitely very spring with a good mix of pinks/peach/coral.

What will you get from the collection?

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Beauty Powers

    Shell Pearl is a re-promote but I can't remember which collection.  It is a soft peach with fine shimmer. Some have compared it to a lighter version of NARS Orgasm but it doesn't seem to swatch that way on my hand.  I have both Orgasm and Deep Throat blushes but they are peachier than Shell Pearl.  This would be a nice highlighter on most skin colors.  

     Summer Rose is a re-promote from the Rose Romance collection.  It is a bluish pink that's gorgeous.  If you bought the Azalea Blossom Ombre from Spring Color Forecast collection, you can pass on this.  It's very similar but without the dark purple portion.  Very pretty blush that will be suitable for most skin tones.


    Peachstock is slightly tan/brownish on my hand and not so much peach.  It is nicely pigmented but I would have a hard time pulling it off on it's own.  It would be a nice nude color for some and is the most unique out of the 4 lipsticks.

    Blooming Lovely is a creamy mauve color that surprisingly most will be able to rock.  It is slightly pinker than Fashion Mews or even Lavender Whip, which makes it look less corpse-ish on medium skin tone ladies.  For a complementary look, you can layer English Accents on top to make it more pink.

     Ever Hip is a bright coral color that is nicely pigmented.  It goes on very nice for the light skinned ladies, not so bold and loud but a nice MLBB coral? It is a more opaque version of Blow Dry for those of you who already have that.  For coral lovers out there, this will be worth your time.  It is better than the corals in Spring Forecast Collection in my opinion.

     Petals and Peacocks  is a bright pink/fuchsia color that goes on nice and opaque.  It is bright and bold for those of you who like to make a statement.  It is not entirely unique as there are several other colors MAC released that are similar. However for those of you who are new to MAC, I'd say pick this up for the great pigmentation and cute packaging!



  A Different Grove is a dark plum lipglass that is very pigmented.  I don't remember seeing a similar color MAC has released. 

    English Accents is almost a lipglass version of blooming lovely.  This is a gorgeous color that has just the right amount of pink. It goes on opaque and is nice both by itself or layered on top of blooming lovely or petals and peacocks to tone down the bright fuchsia.  This is one of the colors I really like from this collection.

     Perrenial High Style is a peachy/pink color that would complement any skin tone.  It is peachier than frankly fresh and would look great layered over Ever Hip. I also love this color although it slightly reminds me of a darker version of Mimmy from Hello Kitty Collection.

     Frankly Fresh  is a lighter version of Perennial High Style that leans more toward coral than peach/pink.  It is a pretty color but nothing too special in my opinion.  However it would make a MLBB on most.


Give Me Liberty of London is a light pink that swatches more satin than matte finish.  It is a unique color that I don't have in my own collection.  It would look lovely on light skin and medium skin tone ladies.  Probably would be more of a highlighter for darker skin ladies.

  Dame's Desire is violet color that is very similar to Very Violet from Spring Forecast Collection.  It's a nice color but I'd say skip it if you already bought very violet.

  Bough Grey is a greenish grey that is very similar to the color in Photo Realism Quad released in Makeup Art Collection.  If you don't have the quad, you can pick this up but it's not particularly unique to me.

  Birds & Berries  is a bluish teal that is very similar to Strike a Pose from the Starflash collection.  It's a nice pigmented color if you are looking for a nice teal.

  Free to Be  is a coral color that reminds me of Perky from the Spring Color Forecast and a darker version of Paradisco. 


   Dirty Plum is a plum blush and if you're wondering, yes it is the exact blush from the Riveting Collection that just got released.  Why get this one instead? Packaging!  For those who like the Liberty of London package, you might as well grab this one since the prices are the same.  It's a very pigmented plum so I'd use a 188 or 187 to apply.

  Prim & Proper is a peachy color that doesn't have too much shimmer.  I know most ladies are eyeing this blush but somehow it doesn't speak to me.  It is a nice every day blush that most can swipe on and go. 


~AnGeL~ said...

Hi Jen! Just curious, which Nordstorm did you go to? I live in Bay Area too.. :)

Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

Thanks for the swatches! I'm gonna get Petals and Peacocks and Ever Hip lipsticks, and also Birds and Berries eyeshadow when this comes out in the UK next month.
Really like the look of Perennial High Style and Frankly Fresh l/g from your swatches too!

naturalNchicmakeup said...

Hi Angel, I went to the Nordstrom at Valleyfair. They are doing pre-sale now if you're interested in reserving some of the items before hand. Good luck!!

Np Laura! Hope they were helpful for you. Great choices for your haul. I totally love Perennial High Style and Frankly Fresh. I think they'll look lovely on you =)

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