Shell Pearl - Is There A Dupe?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MAC has been on a releasing binge this year with one collection after another, causing my wallet to scream like a banshee.  So in order to save some money,  I went through my stash of blushes to see if I can find a dupe.  Here are the products with similar peachy/coral colors.

Top (L-R) Nars Deep Throat, Ripe Peach, Shell Pearl
Bottom (L-R) Nars Orgasm, Light Flush, Fun & Games, Perfect Topping, Refined

Let's take a closer look at these and see how similar they are!

From the picture alone, NARS Orgasm/Deep Throat and Light Flush looks closest to Shell Pearl.  A lot of beauty bloggers have also mentioned this so I've decided to do a comparison between  the three.

NARS Orgasm is a pinker/peachier version of Light Flush and has more glitter.  Deep Throat is even darker than Orgasm but with less glitter and is smoother.  Since Deep Throat is so much darker, it's not close enough to be a dupe for Shell Pearl.

From the swatch, Shell Pearl is much lighter and show as a light pink rather than a peach like Orgasm on NC30 skin.  Even on the skin, it imparts a very light glow but is buildable. I had to swatch heavily to get Shell Pearl to show up.  So here you have a comparison between Shell Pearl and Orgasm if you build them up (5-6 swipes) on the skin.  It's best to use Shell Pearl for a day time look and Orgasm for a night out.  Both are gorgeous but not a dupe for one another.  In fact, try layering Shell Pearl on top of Orgasm to tone down the glitter for a peachy glow look.

But...what about the other contenders? Light Flush and maybe Sweet Topping? They are also favorites among MAC MSF lovers.

Light Flush looks pretty darn close to Shell Pearl doesn't it?  This is how they'll compare in daytime light with Light Flush imparting a more metallic sheen than Shell Pearl.  Perfect Topping is no where close with a rather whitish cast rather than pink.

How would they compare for a night time look?

Light Flush is a little bit lighter than Shell Pearl but still the best match compare to all the other blushes in my collection.  So there you have it!  If you already have Light Flush, you can skip Shell Pearl and save your pocket some $$.

Which is your favorite? Shell Pearl, Light Flush, Orgasm, or Perfect Topping?


Abby Q. said...

I think that anything peachy or light pink and shimmery is close enough. I bought Shell Pearl BP after all the hype, but I can't find anything too unique about it. It's pretty but I don't see a huge difference btwn it and my MSFs. :)

naturalNchicmakeup said...

I agree with you. Really the only difference is that Shell Pearl has less glitter/metallic sheen than the MSF. Depends on each person's liking I suppose.

Beauty Budget Bombshell said...

I don't have light flush, but i still really DO want shell pearl. Its more pink & i have enough peachy colors. Wish they hadn't sold out the day my paycheck arrived :(

Ash said...

Gr8 blog!I have all the MSFS you had mentioned..the one which is very close is 'by candlelight MSF' IMO, but shell pearl is different enough to have both i shell pearl is unique, coz it has NO glitter/shimmer and gives a beautiful golden sheen, when buffed in.

Sara said...

MAC By Candlelight may be a good dupe for the Shell Pearl too - not sure though as I havent seen it in person. I adore By Candlelight! ♥

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Ash - thanks! I've heard Candlelight is close as well. It swatched really frosty the last time I tried but it is a very nice color.

Sar - Agreed. By Candlelight is beautiful!

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