MAC To the Beach Collection Swatches and Review

Monday, May 17, 2010

I thought I was going to miss the chance to see the collection launch on 5/27 but luckily, I got my grubby little hands on MAC to The Beach today. The packaging emphasizes on things related to the beach...seahorses, starfish, coral reefs, etc.  I personally love the print on the blushes and pencils but not so much of the green/lime and orange packaging. Anyhow, this is a ridiculously huge collection so I literally had no room on my hand/arm to swatch so this will be a long post with lots of images. Now onwards to the swatches and review!

                   Image courtesy of MAC

UPDATE: For those of you who are interested in seeing this collection in person, check with your local Nordstrom counters.  My dear husband was kind enough to drive me to Nordies in the pouring rain so I can get the swatches up to share with you ladies.  With that being said, if you are absolutely certain you want Marine Life, call your counters ASAP to reserve one.  Several MAs have told me it will most likely be sold out by the time the collection officially hits on 5/27.
Eye Shadow
  • Sand & Sun is a Light Peach color that swatches rather well for a Matte formula.
  • Firecracker is a reddish Orange color in the Veluxe Pearl formula. I thought of Hot Hot Hot when I saw this.
  • Sweet & Punchy is a bright Yellow Green in the Velux Pearl formula that looks a lot like Rated R
  • Shimmermoss comes out as a teal/light blue color with some shimmer also in VP formula.  This is a permanent color.
  • Humid is a dark green with shimmer in the Frost formula.  This is also a permanent color.

  • BeachBound is a frosty pale almost clear color in the Glaze formula.  In some angles, you can see a very slight hint of peach.
  • Lazy Day is a light blue pink in the Lustre formula that is really sheer. It took many swipes to get the color to show up on the hand. On the lips however, it is a less lilac version of Lady Gaga and not as sheer. Probably 2 swipes will do. Sorry I need to clarify this for those interested.
  • Thrills is a copper/coral with gold/bronzy pearl in the frost formula.  This is a unique color.
  • FunBathing looks brown in the tube but swatches as a Mauve with pearl in CremeSheen formula.

  • Easy Lounger is a light pink with silver pearl.  This is a pretty soft color to be paired with smokey eyes.
  • Flurry of Fun is a peach with blue shimmer pearl.  It is so unique because of the blue fine shimmer. 
  • Splashing is a Blue Pink with gold pearl that swatches almost like a creamsheen.

Lip Pencil
  • Life’s a Breeze is a medium pink
  • Temperature Rising is a bright orange

 Eye Kohl 
  • Float on By is a dark green turquoise that applies very smoothly
  • Rosemary & Thyme is an olive gold with shimmer and is part of the permanent collection

Here is Float on By compared with Undercurrent.  They are not at all the same with Undercurrent more green with shimmer while Float on By is more turquoise blue.

Powder Blush 
  • Hipness is a pink coral with with white pearl in the frost formula.
  • Get-Away Bronze is a tan color in the frost formula with gold shimmer 

Highlight Powder
  • Marine Life is a pressed powder with the top half as a pinkish coral and the bottom half as a light pink with shimmer.  In the middle is a golden overspray that doesn't last after a couple of swipes. 

Nail Lacquer
  • In the Buff  is a cream formula light olive/avocado-ish color
  • Scorcher is a bright coral red also in the cream formula

 Cream bronzer
  • Beach Bronze is a golden color with very fine gold shimmer. This is a more pigmented version of Clarins Smooth Compact Highlighter in Bronze. I think the color is fitting for light/medium tone ladies as a bronzer.
  • Weekend is a deep orange Brown with pink shimmer. This is a pretty  bronzer color for darker skin tone ladies.

Luster drops
  • Pink Rebel: is a pink with pearl that's really pretty. This reminds me of a less stark version of Benefit High Beam.
  • Sun Rush is a golden bronze with gold shimmer that would be great for tanned skin.  Both of these require only one small drop and are very pigmented.

Bronzing Powder

  • Golden is a beige color with gold shimmer.  This is a darker version of Refined Golden so it actually shows up on my skin. I think this would work better than Refined Golden for darker skin tones.
  • Refined Golden is a gold with soft shimmer that barely shows up on my arm.  I had to swatch so many times I thought my eyes were having problems.  This would be good for a light contour for light/medium skin tones. Pardon the hairy arm!

Bronze Body Oil
  •  A golden bronze that is very liquidy and oily.  I really didn't like this at all because it didn't completely dry, is somewhat sticky, and basically spreads as an all over shimmer.

Phew!! Overall, the collection has a mixture of neutral and bright colors that are wearable.  The unique products in my opinion are Thrills lipstick, Flurry of Fun lipglass, both of the cream blushes b/c they're pigmented and smooth on application, and the luster drops if you want soft shimmer liquid highlighters.  I know lots of people are eyeing the Marine Life Highlighter so I've done comparisons between that and Hipness to show you how you don't have to pick up both.

Right out of the pan, Hipness is less coral than the mixture of Marine Life

To recreate the same color as Hipness, just layer on more of the light pink bottom color from Marine Life and you pretty much get a dupe. The color below is much lighter because they were taken in sunlight as opposed to indoors in the swatches above.

What's your favorite so far based on the swatches?  Anything tickle your fancy? 


Abby Q. said...

Girl your swatches are always amazing! I really love everything, it's going to be hard to choose. From these swatches I like Marine Life, Beach Bronze cream bronzer, shimmermoss, sand&sun, lazy day l/s, temperature rising lipliner and in the buff nail lacquer. Though I noticed that in the buff np is not as yellow in your swatches as in temptalia's. I like your swatch better, hope it's not too yellow. Anyways thanks for the review!

Edwina said...

Thans for the swatches! I am also not a big fan of the green and orange packaging :S

ipehishere said...

omg u bought soo many mac *drool XD
hehe Powder Blush Hipness seems sooo cool! i want it!

Chiaki in here said...

geez..I love ur swatches..I fallin love with..sun n sun eyeshadow look perfect on me :)

MissA* said...

I only bought the blushes from this collection. Hipness and Get-Away Bronze are all sold out here within a week. In fact, I love the green packaging :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks for sharing the swatches. They are so pretty~

thestartsteam said...

Thank you for the swatches, this collection is huge!


the swatches look amazing!! top job lovely :)

Miss♥Nikka said...

How did you get your hands on these before they launch to us? Thanks so much for posting this, your swatches are great and helpful! Now, I know exactly what I want to get. :]

Robin said...

great swatches!! I'm looking forward to this collection but I won't be in the states when it's released :(
both eyeliners look so pretty!

kali said...

So MAC'd out.. I wanted Lazy Day lipstick but just put in an order for some Shu lippies so I can't!! I wanted the cream bronzer but Beach Bronze looks way too light and Weekend looks too orangey. It's kind of a good thing so I won't be tempted!

Catanya said...

Amazing swatches! Thanks so much! Really useful!

coffretgorge said...

thank you so much for the swatches! i want marine life! but they wont be out until june here in manila :)

coffretgorge said...

the paul & joe whitening serum is great, it helped even out my skin tone and faded dark spots, now i use the face shop's spot eraser over it to boost the whitening effect for my acne scars. so far its been great! :)

resham said...

thanks for the swatches,,,,:)

Nic Nic said...

awesome swatches.. i think i have humid but i never use it...sweet and punchy is SO pretty!!

Anonymous said...

These are the best swatches I can find! You are the first to show a swatch of all the different combinations you can do with the Marine Life Highlight Powder!!! Thanks so much I have been looking everywhere for this!!! :)

Tiptoe21 said...

Thanks for the swatches! I really like the bright colors, though i'm not sure if I can pull them off on myself

Emilyanne said...

Marine Life packaging is just so cute, I feel like I need to pick it up! Thanks for the swatches, it reaffirms my need haha

Leenda said...

Thanks for the swatches! The only thing I really like is marine life, but I'm not dying to get it. lol =]

Blusherine said...

you made super-great swatches! i hope you managed to get the nail polish off your skin! ;-)

AnNeTtEe said...

awesome swatches!! thank u for sharing!! how did u get swatches by the way?? does this mean you bought everything in this collection?? haha.. don't mean to sound too nosy! Ive just been curious how a lot of bloggers get swatches of all the producrs when a new collection comes out... anyhow, a few things caught my eye... I would love to try the lazy day & thrills & splashing lippies... also the marine life combo seems to be a nice coral blush but it's a bit too shimmery for me... for some reason I remember refined golden.. is this bronzer in the permanent line?? I coulda swore one of the MAC girls have tried this on me before... hahha... oh well!! sorry! if this got too long!! again, I give u props for the awesome swatches!!

The Beautifier said...

Thanks for the lovely swatches hun!! I want everything from this collection!! xoxo

Nanx said...

wauw this post is just amazing. I love the gold and bronze ones/ Pink rebel is something I'm definitely going to try. Thanks for sharing!

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Miss Nikka/Annette - The testers were out at Nordstrom =)

Blusherine - Yep it wasn't too bad to take off although I wish I hadn't paint my nails right before these swatches.

Abbey said...

pretty! i want all of it!

Alice said...

OMG you got everything!! Soooo jealous.... will be making that nordies call asap tomorrow!

btw do you think sand and sun is worth it?

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Alice - Sand & Sun is a nice color for a neutral look or would be really awesome paired with Sweet & Punchy. The closest permanent color I can think of is Tet-A-Tint.

The Girly Tomboy said...

Great swatches! Thanks!

Sand and sun would make a great blush!
I really need to get hipness...I missed out on it last time and then my sister got the last one during a visit to the CCO!

I can't wait to head to the MAC store this weekend to check out this collection!

Renay Shanel said...

I love the colors and theme behind this collection, made me excited for the sun :)

DANA said...

WOW the swatching are AWESOME!! Somehow I didn't see the ENTIRE range here in Australia... strange... maybe we're not getting the entire range? But I'm so happy I got the nail polish In The Buff... such a unique colour and very creamy!

And wow yeah, you pretty much better off with the Highlighter Duo if Hipness can be created that way! Awesome tip! But sadly I'm not such a big fan of the dark green plasticky packaging =.= oh mac mac...

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