Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Boy Dupes and Comparison

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday 2/10 was a super exciting day for Chanel addicts like myself due to the exclusive release of Boy at Nordstrom.  I went up to the SA and happily exclaimed, "I'm here to pick up my Boy!". Fortunately she knew exactly what I meant but I still felt a bit silly saying it.


So for all my fellow Chanel lovers out there, can you guess which one is Boy from the lineup?

They all have black glossy tubes and are rather similar in size.  How about another clue?

Have you made your final guess? Which one is it?

If you picked the second lipstick from the left, you are correct! Chanel Rouge Coco Shine is a smaller, shorter version of Rouge Coco lipstick.  Both have white Chanel logos on the top of the cap and wide gold bands.  Starting from left to right, we have Rouge Allure Lacque, Rouge Coco Shine, Rouge Allure, Aqualumiere, and Rouge Coco lipstick.  Aqualumiere is the only lipstick to have a cap with the white and gold logo.

Boy is different compared to the rest of the lineup since it looks like a wider version MAC's old Slimshines.

The Rouge Coco Shine formula is advertised to be hydrating sheer lipshines.  I do agree it's hydrating and somewhat sheer.  Boy is a pretty MLBB shade that's rather glossy. Below is a photo taken with outdoor lighting.

I don't have very many sheer pink lipsticks so MAC Hello Kitty Cute-ster was the closest color to Boy that I could find.  Side by side, they look almost identical except for the Hello Kitty image of course. 

I confess Cute-ster is one of my all time favorite shades and the most used lipstick in my collection.  The only reason there's still that much left is because I didn't want to ruin Hello Kitty's face. When I swatch both, I was pleasantly surprised to see how incredibly similar they are to each other.  I took many shots in several different angles and lighting to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. MAC Cute-ster is slightly glossier and has noticeable gold/pink shimmer compared to Boy.

I also compared Boy to Ming and Long Stem Rose Slimshine.  They are all from the same MLBB pink color family but the texture of each are different.  Chanel Lacque Ming dries more like a glossy satin finish and Long Stem Rose is slightly drier but more pink and opaque. 

Overall, I like Chanel Boy's shade and am glad to see a dupe for MAC's limited edition Cute-ster.  Boy goes on as a glossy my-lips-but-better shade but isn't too sheer for my naturally pigmented lips.  The biggest drawback to this formula is the poor wear time, where there wasn't a hint of color left after I ate a small slice of pizza.  Therefore, I like the lipstick but don't love it compared to Chanel's other formulas.  I look forward to seeing other darker shades from the line, which I hope might have better staying power.  If you like these rose MLBB types of colors, I do recommend checking out Chanel Lacque Ming because those formulas are designed for longer wear time.

What are your possible dupes for Boy?


pinkribbons said...

I don't think I've seen a prettier lipstick than Boy. Would you say it's a universally flattering shade? Like you I can't wait to see the other colours in the line.

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Hi doll i have passed over the versatile blogger award to your blog x

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow I don't own any of those lip colours and they are all sooo beautiful and spring-like. I need to get at least one. lol

Dizzy said...

I love Chanel's packaging, so sleek!

Kristie said...

Pinkribbons - I would say it's nice for light/medium skin tones but may be a bit light for darker skin tones.

The Dollymix Diaries - Thank you. You are very kind.

resham said...

Beautiful color...M loving it...:)

♥sormui♥ said...

I love Chanel Boy, but I didnt pick it up yet. I swatched it and i love how its sheer but with that pretty pink!

Anonymous said...

I got bonheur and monte carlo love monte carlo the most

J a c q u e l i n e said...

I am so excited to buy this shade! So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Boy, got it as soon as it came out and have been through 3 tubes of it, ready for my 4th. Everyone I have told about it, loves it!

They all seem to like it no matter their hair or skin color! I've told pale skinned dark haired Asians and auburn light skinned Caucasians.

Just great all around!!

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