MAC Wonder Woman Collection Swatches and Review: Mighty Aphrodite, Amazon Princess, and Spitfire

Friday, February 11, 2011

The two duo blushes in MAC's Wonder Woman Collection are Mighty Aphrodite and Amazon Princess.  These retail for $24USD for 11g, roughly twice the size of a regular blush at $18.50. My personal favorite is Mighty Aphrodite which is also sold out online.  However, I believe these are still available at most MAC counters.

The blush duos comes in similar packaging as the MSF, a plastic red top and blue bottom. One big difference is the inclusion of a mirror in these compacts.

Here is a size comparison for the blush duo vs. the MSF in this collection. Regardless of size, these do remind me of toys for children.

Just for my own amusement, I tried to fit the blush duo on the MSF's lid and was surprised to see the result!

One recommendation I have is to make sure you double check your product before leaving the counter.  As you can see in the close up, the surface of my brand new blush is not even. Some of the powder was also clinging to the sides of the compact. Fortunately the blush wasn't broken so I didn't have to return it.

Mighty Aphrodite has 2 different colors - a dark fuchsia that's about 1/3 of the compact and a watermelon pink on the remaining 2/3.  This is definitely not a 50/50 duo as expected. The difference can be better seen when the blush is placed vertically.

The light side of  Mighty Aphrodite is a peach/coral/pink and the dark side is a red pink.  When I went to swatch this at the store, the light side was nice and pigmented but the dark side took so many swatches to show up.  I thought that was due to the tester and everyone's oily fingers. However, I had the same experience with a brand new blush when I got home.  Let me tell you now - this works best with a MAC 168 brush, not so much with your fingers.  When I used the 168 or 109 brush to apply this, the color was so pigmented and intense that I had to sheer it out. To get a soft effect, I recommend using the MAC 116 blush.

Here are the swatches of Mighty Aphrodite compared to Guerlain Blush G's darkest coral stripe. In direct sunlight, the lighter portion of MA looks almost the same as Guerlain Blush G without the gold shimmer.

In darker lighting, the colors are softer but still pretty similar.

I also compared Mighty Aphrodite to Ripe Peach's bottom mix colors to see if it's a close dupe.

Ripe Peach turns out to be more matte and coral compared to Mighty Aphrodite in the swatch taken with flash.

In direct sunlight, the swatch below shows the best difference between all 4 colors.  Mighty Aphrodite lighter side is much more pink compared to Guerlain Blush G and not as orange as Ripe Peach.

Amazon Princess blush duo is darker compared to Mighty Aphrodite. The light side is a medium cool pink and the darker side is a deep pink with pearl.  I also had the same issue swatching the darker side with my fingers, but as previously mentioned, this will go on very bright with a blush brush. 

Both blushes are pretty and very pigmented when applied with the correct brush.  Mighty Aphrodite will be nice for light/medium skin tones while Amazon Princess is recommended for medium/dark skin tones.  I also think MA is better for warm skin tones whereas Amazon Princess is slightly cooler.

Spitfire lipstick reminds me of Style Curve from the Stylishly Yours Collection.  When I went to compare the two, they are slightly different. Just looking at them from the tube, Spitfire is more pink and Style Curve leans purple. 

In direct sunlight, you can see a very distinct difference between the two shades.

Both are nicely pigmented but Style Curve is glossier and doesn't feel as drying on the lips compared to Spitfire.  Style Curve is a Cremesheen and Spitfire is a Satin finish.  Taken with flash, Style Curve looks like a purple glossy shade over the same magenta base as Spitfire. 

You can see this better in a close up shot:

In direct sunlight, they look more similar. I personally like Style Curve more compared to Spitfire because of the nice glossy purple sheen.  Style Curve also feels much more moisturizing compared to the dryness of Spitfire's satin finish.  It is also a much darker shade so I have to tone it down dramatically when I apply Spitfire.

Overall, I like both blushes but favor Mighty Aphrodite because it's more fitting for my  NC30 skin tone.  When I applied this on my cheeks, I get a beautiful soft pink hue without any shimmer.  This shade is slightly different compared to Guerlain Blush G or even Stila's Make Me Blush. Skip you are on a budget and already have similar shades such as NARS Orgasm/Deepthroat or Benefit Coralista/Sugarbomb.  These are all in the same color family but are not quite the same as Mighty Aphrodite. I picked this up because of the lack of shimmer and soft finish.

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What are your standout items from WW?


Justine (Productrater) said...

great swatches and pics as usual, thank you!

coffretgorge said...

i was starting to like Might Aphrodite... until I saw the swatches. Guess what Kristie, I got my Guerlain Blush G today! Lurvey's mum gave it to me as a gift! Im super happy! ^____________^

mandy said...

This makes me want to use mine more. I can't wait. Mighty Aphrodite looks so beautiful swatched! :D

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Thanks for the extensive review. Very helpful x

Dizzy said...

great swatches!

MissA* said...

Am not really a fan of the packaging. Mighty Aphrodite looks pretty. I'm on no buy for the moment but who knows when the collection's released here, I'd grab a thing or two :P

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