Dior Electric Tropics Summer 2011 Collection: Rosy Tan Swatches and Review

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aside from Aurora, I also had my eyes on Rosy Tan, the 5 Color Design Eyeshadow Palette from Dior's Summer 2011 Collection. I was told this is not limited edition and it retails for $58USD.  I have not purchased a Dior eyeshadow palette until Rosy Tan came along.

The quint comes in a glossy navy blue, sturdy plastic compact that can easily fit in the palm of my hands. Both of the eyeshadow palettes are made in France and contain 6g/0.21oz. 

Now at first glance, the compact looks rather simple - just a glossy dark navy compact. Nothing special.

However, slightly tilt the compact in the sun and you'll discover a beautiful glossy marine blue background with the initial CD.  It's like a hologram!

Here's another shot for fun.  The packaging went from simple to oh-so-pretty.  Yes, I surely was having a fun time trying to capture this color difference.

Inside the compact houses 5 beautiful eyeshadows, a mirror, and two sponge tip applicators.

All of the eyeshadows in Rosy Tan are silky smooth and slightly frosty. I chose this palette because it has beautiful brown and taupe shades.

A close up of the individual shades.  There is some angle distortion from the lens here. The most noticeable is the rich burgundy brown shade on the top right hand corner.  You can see the gold shimmer infused in the pan.

Looking at the eyeshadows in the compact alone, I knew I was going to love 3 out of the 5 shades in this palette.  When I swatch each of the colors, I fell in love with the bottom two shades the most.  I was rather disappointed with the burgundy shade because I thought it would be richer and more multi-dimensional.  Regardless, each of the shadows are very nicely pigmented, smooth, and not overly frosty.

Swatch by the window:

Swatch with flash:

As beautiful as they look in the swatch, I was underwhelmed when I applied the colors on my lid.  It's not that the colors are not gorgeous, I guess I have to say they are not entirely unique.  The overall result was similar to what I would achieve using similar MAC eyeshadows.  I think as a beauty lover who owns a lot of similar neutral shades, I was expecting Rosy Tan to blow me out of the water.  It surely impressed me with the texture, but not so much with the shades themselves. At the end of the day, I could not find the justification to keep Rosy Tan.

Bottom line: If you don't have similar shades to these in your collection, I highly recommend Rosy Tan because it is a high quality quint with lovely texture.  The shades are all nicely pigmented with no glitter fallout.  If you already have similar colors, check it out and try it on before making your purchase decision.  For those who love neutrals no matter what, Rosy Tan will be coming home with you.  I was told this will become a part of the permanent collection so there's no rush to grab it for those who are on a budget.

What's your take on Rosy Tan?


The Ultimate Makeup said...

Great pics and review as usual!

Funny earlier today I was playing with Rosy Tan again. I remembered that we had talked about how disappointing it was on the eyes, and once again I came to the same conclusion. But then I saw you reviewed it and for a second I thought I needed to reconsider. Hehe good thing you still agree ;)

StealMyHeartLove said...

It's so pretty! :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

One of the most beautiful Dior palettes I have ever seen!

Dovey said...

I love the dark blue packaging, but have yet to buy a quint. I love the second and third colors in your swatches, but the others I could pass on =)

Polarbelle said...

Beautiful review. I wondered how it would be on the eyes. I am wearing Lancome Taupe Craze today, gorgeous in the palette and in swatches, but I could have done this with 100 other things I already have so I find that part of your review interesting and particularly relatable to my experience today. Thanks. It helps.

Julie P. said...

oh wow~ that's all my favorite colors!!! I love it. I think I'm going to have to get this palette. I usually don't get too much Dior either. :) thanks for the post

Zuzu's Petals said...

Beautiful pictures. I first felt the pull after seeing Sabrina's pictures, but the word "frosty" scared me off. Then I saw your post and was pulled in again by the beautiful colors, but I think I'll go with my gut and wait this one out. I have several Dior quints, but I rarely wear them--either because the colors are too blah (Incognito), too frosty (Iridescent Leathers), or there's really only one color in the quint I like on my eyes (Misty Mauves). Dior makes luxe shadows, but I wish I could choose my own colors in the quints. I like the single colors best (Flirty Brown was spectacular). Excellent review, thanks!

Dizzy said...

I just love the shades!

Diana said...

This palette looks beautiful! I tend to only buy eye shadows that are in shades of brown, but this looks like a safe way to experiment with a bit more color!

A said...

It's funny you reach that conclusion because I was starting to think I was the only one who felt that way about Rosy Tan - so beautiful to look at, but quite boring on the eyes.


Shortylegsbeauty said...

It is really pretty :)
I went to take a look at the Dior stuff we have here where I live (Vaasa, Finland) but I could not find this palette.. maybe it will show up soon :)
Not sure if I will buy it though cause I have shades similar to those already and for me Dior has always been a bit too pricy.. but you never know.. I might treat myself to something nice :)
Great review btw :)

stellarvixen said...

blog walking~ and this dior for 2011 summer looking delicious~! ahh i have soft spot for dior cosme!!

thanks for the swatches - its perfect neutral~

mineral makeup said...

I completely love the shades and earth tone suit my amber skin tone.It is essential to see which colors compliment your skin surely.

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

Those are some stunning colors, right up my alley! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. :)

JoanneP said...

I have to agree that this palette is beautiful but not that unique. I opted for Rosy Nude and went a little bit crazy :d. Yes, I also have a backup.

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