MAC Surf Baby Swatches and Review Part I

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Every spring season, MAC comes out with a very large collection and this year is no different.  MAC Surf Baby is set to launch on 5/26 but I have heard that Nordstrom will be selling it early on 5/25.  Surf Baby reminds me a lot of the Spring Color Forecast Collection which includes pigment stacks, bronzers, lipglasses, lipsticks, and eyeliners.  The big difference is in the packaging.  Surf Baby is inspired by beach themes, where the design is similar to those seen on surf boards.  I'm neutral with the packaging - I don't mind it but I'm not overly excited about it either.

Surf Baby is no doubt a massive collection.  I wasn't able to swatch everything but only choose a few I thought would be of interest. I'll go back and swatch the remaining items if any of you are interested.

First up are the lipsticks, which retail for $15.50USD, $1 more than the standard price.  I think the price increase is for the special packaging.

Bust Out! is a mid-tone dirty violet in the lustre formula.  It is darker and more purple compared to Spitfire, and less fuchsia compared to Style Curve.  It's not an entirely unique color as similar shades have been released previously.
Mocha is part of the permanent collection. It is a yellow brown with a satin finish. Unless you love the packaging, you may want to consider saving $1 by buying it from the perm collection.
Hibiscus is a bright coral with red undertones with a  cremesheen formula. It is glossier and smoother compared to Toxic Tale. It is also more red compared to Toxic Tale.
Naturally Eccentric is a shade we've seen many times. It is a white nude with a  lustre formula.

Swatches with flash:

The lipglasses also retail at $15.50USD and are all limited edition.

Girl on Board is a milky white shade.
Good Lovin' is a peach pink with shimmer. The minute I saw this, I instantly thought of Devilishly Stylish from the Venomous Villains Collection.  It is very close to that shade both in the tube and in the swatch.
Strange Potion is a re-promote from Venomous Villains Collection as well. It is a coral pink shade.
Krazy Kahuna is a terracotta brown and the most opaque and unique out of the 4 lipglasses.  I think I've seen similar shades from Guerlain, but not from MAC.  

Swatch taken with flash.  Next to the 4 lipglasses are 2 Powerpoint Eye Pencils, each retailing for $15.50USD.

Gilded White is a yellow white frost.  Although it's a nice color, I don't particular find it unique or a must-have.
Blue Noon is a teal with gold shimmer.

One of the most talked about products in the collection is My Paradise, a cheek powder retailing for $25USD.  There are also 2 Studio Careblend Pressed Powder retailing for $28USD.

My Paradise is a peach pressed powder with a gold Hibiscus overspray.  The overspray is thick and will last through numerous uses. My Paradise swatches a dark peach/orange with gold shimmer on my skin.  However once applied on the cheeks, the red undertones of this blush made my cheeks spotty and red.  It looks as though I got stung by a bee and was incredibly unflattering.  Marine Life in comparison, is softer, more pink, and definitely more wearable.  If you like Bite Of an Apple blush, this will probably not be a problem for you. The blush is very pigmented so use a light hand to avoid going overboard.  This is definitely not an all-over face powder either.

Lush-Light Bronze has a smooth texture and is nicely pigmented.  On my tanned NC25/30 skin, it leans a bit orange.  Again this is very pigmented so use a light hand to avoid going overboard.

Gold-Go-Lightly is the darker of the two shades.  I like this one more compared to Lush-Light Bronze because it has a pink undertone, not orange.  I think I can pull off this color with a light hand.

Here they are again in direct sunlight:

The 2 Crushed Metallic Pigment stacks retail for $32.50USD.  Each of the stack contains four different shades of pigments.

Summer Stash contains a light violet with silver pearl, pink champagne, light white pearl, and brown bronze with gold pearl.  The pigments are much prettier in person compared to my swatch.  They are frosty and give off a metallic sheen.  The swatches were done wet to show the intensity of each shade.  Neutral lovers will love the champagne and brown color.

Surf the Ocean is for those who love a punch of color. It contains a bronze gold, light green, silver with a blue sheen, and a dark blue/forest green.  My favorite shade is undoubtedly the darkest one.  All of the colors are frosty and give a metallic sheen. 

Another angle.

Close up of the two darker shades:

Swatches with flash:

Overall, Surf Baby is actually one of the few collections where all the items are pigmented.  Regardless of how pale the shade may be, I did not find a single dud from the collection.  I opted not to swatch the eyeshadows because none of the shades are unique.  However, they all had very nice pigmentation. 99.9% of the collection contains similar colors we have seen in previously collections.  Surf Baby is a fun, bright, and warm welcome to the Spring/Summer season.

All 3 of the bronze sticks were pigmented and similar to NARS multiples.  I would definitely use a light hand with these.  I didn't find any of them too orange either.  The Suntint Liquid Lip Balms are slightly sticky with Full of Grace being the most opaque and Lilt of Lily as the most sheer.  I was particularly drawn to Pink Tinge due to the soft pink with yellow shimmer. It's a very pretty lipstick topper along with Full of Grace. 

Bottom Line: If you're new to MAC, Surf Baby is a great introduction to the brand.  It is probably one of the best collections to date in terms of quality and texture.  If you're a MAC veteran, I don't think there's anything particularly unique or must-haves in this collection.  I personally really like both of the pigment stacks since the colors are pretty and wearable.  I think Hibiscus and My Paradise will be sold out rather quickly.  I did not pick up anything from the collection - Hibiscus was a bit too red for me and My Paradise was a disaster on my cheeks.

What are you planning to pick up from Surf Baby?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The Surf Baby collection definitely looks cool and sexy :) Your swatches are just amazing! ^_^ My Paradise looks GORGEOUS. Must have!

StealMyHeartLove said...

Great post! Thanks for the swatches. <3

ohyouprettythings said...

Love the packaging of this collection!! Thanks so much for the swatches! :]

Edwina said...

Thanks for sharing all the swatches with us :) Looks like the quality and colours are quite nice. The pigments looks beautiful, unfortunately I'm not a big fan of pigments, I'd much rather choose a palette over a pigment stack :S I don't think I'll buy anything from this collection. I'd rather save the money to spend on a YSL lipstick or bobbi brown concealer ;P

the Honey B said...

I am predicting My paradise will be 2011's Marine Life fiasco. I still really want it even though you said it was spotty and disasterous (but am far less excited for it now that you said that LOL). I want one of those pigment stacks too! I love your posts!!! Thank you for the swatches!

Miss Tiff said...

Amazing swatches! I haven't been online blogging in so long! The collection looks great, don't like the packaging as much but the colours are very pigmented and gorgeous. Love all your detailed posts and reviews. :)

Zuzu's Petals said...

Gorgeous swatches! Mocha and Hibiscus are calling to me, as well as the pigments--I especially like both dark colors in each stack and wish they were sold individually.

Andee Layne said...

oh thanks for the swatches! Good lovin' looks worth checking out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great review!! My Paradise has sold out online already. I was on the fence about it, but now after reading your review I'll pass. I'm similar skin toned and all the swatches I've seen look too orange. I am happily wearing my new Dior Aurora and Chanel Bronze Rose anyway....:)

Blusherine said...

Hi Kristie! Your swatches are up there with KaraSugar's and Temptalia's! Excellent, really! I can see the colors so so well!

resham said...

Nice colors and great swatches as ever...

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