Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Jasminora Review

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ever since Guerlain's Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder became a part of my small bronzer collection, I have been obsessed with its beautiful fragrance.  I told a Guerlain rep that if they took the exact same smell and bottle it up, I would purchase the fragrance without any reservations. Thus, I have been on a hunt to find the same intoxicating combination of Jasmine and Violet for the last couple of months. When Charleston Girl from BestThingsInBeauty told us about Guerlain's Limited Edition Aqua Allegoria Jasminora, my ears perked right up. Based on her wonderful descriptions of the fragrance, I had to try it out in fear of the LE factor.  It is currently available at Sephora for $59USD.

Jasminora is described as a "sensual aroma of jasmine with elevated notes of white freesia and lily of the valley". I have included a picture of the ingredients for those who are interested.

As with many of their products, Guerlain's packaging is always modern and chic.  The cap of the bottle has an imprint of a bee, to give the illusion of a bee sitting on top of a honeycomb.

The gold honeycomb adds an elegant touch to the bottle's otherwise simplistic design.

Before I describe my experience with Jasminora, I must make a disclaimer that I am not an expert in perfume. I don't really know all of the technical terms or how to dissect the notes either.  What I do know is that I love Jasmine and there's a particular smell that intoxicates me like no other.  For those who are not familiar with Jasmine or what it looks like, I luckily do have a picture to share with you.

I came home to Jasminora last night and was as incredibly excited to try it out.  When I first opened the box, I could detect the fragrance of Jasmine right away. I quickly plucked off the cute round top cap and sprayed it on both of my wrists.  Whether it was the sweltering 99 degree weather or my internal body overheating, Jasminora turned out to be very sharp on me. It was strong in the sense that it kicked me in the nose every time I took a sniff of my wrists.  I kept thinking "it's not Jasmine. Is it Mint? Freesia? or Lilly of the Valley?".  Whatever it was, I couldn't put a finger to the smell. I just knew it was too sharp for me, even after the dry down.

I have several bushes of Jasmine in my backyard and had to run out to remind myself what Jasmine is supposed to smell like.  It is sensual but soft, and not hard like Jasminora. I was disappointed but not deterred. So this morning, when the weather had cooled down considerably, I tried Jasminora once again on both of my wrists.  It became a completely different fragrance - cool, sensual, crisp, and clean.  It is unquestionably the fragrance of Jasmine and no other.  It isn't sweet nor is it shy of its Jasmine notes.  From the first spritz to the dry down, it is full body Jasmine.

Although Jasminora is no where close to the sweetness of Guerlain's Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder, it is a beautiful fragrance of its own.  When I think of Jasminora, I think of a garden full of Jasmine on a cool summer morning.  At that moment in time, it will just be you and your thoughts surrounded by the fresh and crisp fragrance of Jasmine. Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Jasminora carries this image with me from sunrise well into sunset.  As I sit here sharing my experiences with you, my mind has already drifted into a Jasmine garden of my own.

Have you tried Jasminora yet? What are some of your favorite fragrances?


Diane (Orange2LA) said...

I knew you loved the smell of that bronzer, sorry to hear this isn't exactly the same. But I'm glad you still like it. Great post! I know it's hard to write about perfumes, but you did a great. Maybe we will see a few more perfume posts in the future??

PerilouslyPale said...

I really want to get this!!! I have Floral Nymphea from this line and love it.

Makeup Magpie said...

I ordered this without testing first because the notes sounded great and I read many favorable reviews - my bottle is due to arrive today! I like the Aqua Allegoria's but they can be a bit of a hit or miss - hoping this one's a winner. Thanks for the detailed review & gorgeous pictures :)

Larie said...

I would buy this just for the beautiful bottle! I don't think I like the smell of jasmine in perfume, though :(

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

OMG, I never noticed the cute bee on the cap! That's new cuz it's not on my bottle of Mandarin-Basilic (it's just a normal rounded cap). I love this perfume and spray it on whenever I hit a Sephora or Guerlain counter. Not sure if I love it enough to commit to a full bottle, though.

Niki said...

I was thinking of getting this but I'm a little worried about the idea of it changing according to temperature! I tend to overheat as soon as I do exercise - which includes walking across a room :S In any case, can you recommend some of your favourite jasmine perfumes? And btw, I ADORE your blog, you have by far the best descriptions and details with GORGEOUS pictures.

Kristie said...

Diane - thanks! I will try to do more perfume posts but they sure are hard to describe.

Lina Kim - isn't the packaging just awesome?

PerilouslyPale - I haven't tried Flora yet but have heard lots of great reviews on it. Let me know if you do pick this up!

Makeup Magpie - yay! I hope you like it! I had to order it without knowing how it smells either.

Larie - if you like the packaging, there are a variety of Allegoria products to choose from at Sephora!

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) - ooh I didn't know they don't have the bee on the other Allegorias!

Niki - thank you so much! Right now I'm still on a search for the perfect Jasmine scent. I have tried Bvlgari Jasmin Noir but it turned powdery on me. So far Jennifer Aniston's scent is quite lovely for a Jasmine perfume. Have you tried that one yet?

Kumiko Mae said...

Guerlain has really (x 10) great scents) :p i am using the same!

new follower here. follow back pls? :D

Jasmin said...

I can't without it since the day I have smelt it.

Laura Anies said...

Acqua Perfume is not one of the most well known perfumes in the world but it most certainly a good one. The narcissus just screams out nature - and both me and my girlfriend found that scent as very suitable for summer

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