Chanel Le Blanc - Joues Contraste Rose Tourbillon Swatches and Review

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chanel Le Blanc is a Nordstrom exclusive collection where all of the pieces are limited edition.  Ever since I saw the promotion pictures, I was determined to get my hands on it. Le Blanc was originally an Asian exclusive collection but luckily Nordstrom nabbed it just in time for their anniversary sale.

Similar to all Chanel Joues Contraste, Rose Tourbillon retails for $43USD and can only be purchased exclusively at Nordstrom online and counters.

For those who are allergic to talc, you may want to take caution with all Joues Contraste blushes.  I personally am allergic to it in powder foundations but did not experience any issues with Chanel's blushes.

Rose Tourbillon is a bright pink with obvious shimmer in the pan.

A close up:

Taken in the sun:

With a single swipe, Rose Tourbillon produces a shimmery hot pink.  The blush is very nicely pigmented with a rather strong rose fragrance.

The same shimmery hot pink shade swatches true to what's seen in the pan.  I was expecting it to be much more glittery but the shimmer wasn't that bad.

When I first saw Rose Tourbillon, I immediately thought of Pink Explosion.  Prior to purchasing Rose Tourbillon, Pink Explosion was the brightest pink blush I had in my collection.  In a side-by-side comparison, Pink Explosion is much lighter than Rose Tourbillon. It is lighter than Tweed Fuchsia and definitely more pink compared to Rouge.

In the swatch, Rose Tourbillon is warmer compared to Pink Explosion, but is lighter and has more shimmer compared to Tweed Fuchsia.

Overall, I really like Rose Tourbillon.  It's different from Pink Explosion, Tweed Fuchsia, and even Rose Ecrin, which I reviewed here. The shade is very flattering on my my skin tone, and provides a lovely flush of pink.  As for the shimmer, it is evident when I'm in direct sunlight or under incandescent lighting.

Bottom Line: Rose Tourbillon is a lovely shimmery pink blush. It will be flattering especially for those with light to medium skin tones. If you're on a budget, I would recommend checking it out in person and applying it on yourself before taking the plunge. For those who do not like shimmery blushes,  Rose Tourbillon may not be for you. I personally really like this shade but I'm bias since I have a weakness for pink blushes.


Polarbelle said...

Great review, Kristie. Makes me happy that I have it to pick up tomorrow. You have the best pictures!! I wish I could hire you as my photog.

Alexis the Honey B said...

Thanks for the awesome review and swatches! Im not so sure I'm into the glitter in blushes. I do love SOME shimmer and really LOVE matte but this one is so pretty i might just change my mind!

faye lu said...

i *squealed* when i saw RT blush. think it's such a beautiful pink x

Makeup Magpie said...

Thanks for the comparisons. :) I hadn't realized Tweed Fuchsia is so much darker than Rose Tourbillon. I love both of these!

Elvira said...

Ah such a wonderful blush and unique enough to own all of those you swatched above! Thanks very much for the comparisons. I think it has made me decide that I don't need the tweed blush. I love your pictures!

PerilouslyPale said...

I'm loving Rose Tourbillon! I have to giggle at our matching collections. Great minds!

Eileen said...

Chanel has created a beautifully complex shade of blush for this collection. To describe Rose Tourbillon as medium rose is really to do it an injustice. Those of you who own it--and love it--know that it is a swirl of shimmering roses that come together in a soft, but vibrant shade that can create anything from subtle to pow. It has become one of my summertime favorites. I'll undoubtedly retire it for a bit as autumn approaches when I prefer a more muted shade like Rose Écrin, but I know I'll be reaching for it again come winter. When worn with Lumière Perlée on the cheekbones, it is the epitome of elegance and will look beautiful during the holidays. Yes, I am a fan :-)

Dizzy said...

Tweed Fuchsia is to my liking! I have to consider getting it now.

Zuzu's Petals said...

Ha! I was so happy when I finally read down far enough to see you'd compared RT to Pink Explosion because that is exactly what I was wondering, how they compared. I appreciate all the comparisons, and also love pink blushes, especially those that lean hot pink, because that's what my natural coloring does. I don't blush peach or bronze. Great post!

resham said...

very lovely color n comparison...:)

Kristie said...

Polarbelle - thank you! I hope you'll love it as well.

Alexis the Honey B - I think you'll really like this blush and it'll look fantastic on you.

faye lu - me too! I squealed with delight :)

Makeup Magpie - They are different but are both so beautiful indeed.

Elvira - thanks! RT is truly a gorgeous pink blush.

PerilouslyPale - Great minds think alike ;)

Eileen - you're absolutely right. The shade is complex that it's difficult to describe in just a few words. I have been using this nearly every day as well.

Dizzy - Hope you can find Tweed Fuchsia. It's a limited edition item from last year's holiday collection I believe.

Zuzu's Petals - PE was definitely the first that came to mind. I was surprised it's so much lighter compared to RT.

resham - thanks!

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