Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Collection Swatches and Review

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Giorgio Armani's Spring 2012 Collection is slowly making its way to my local counter. The collection offers 2 eyeshadow palettes, 2 eyeliners, 1 blush, and 4 lipglosses. I was surprised that GA did not release any lipsticks this time. You can now purchase the items on GA's website as well although 1 item is already sold out.

The lipglosses are Rouge (405), Pink (508), Beige (105), and Brown (201).  I could not get a good camera phone image of the swatches but from what I saw, Pink is light and milky.  On my lips, it was too pale to show up and only provided a shiny effect.  Rouge is pigmented and great for red lipgloss lovers. Beige and Brown are completely out of my comfort zone and Brown is more pigmented compared to Beige.

The 2 eyeshadow palettes #1 and #2 are shown below from left to right.  Palette 1 has pearl violet, jade green, sheer gold, and a silver grey. Palette 2 has grey, olive green, copper, and a golden brown.  These palettes are a good mix of browns and pastels.  If you like these types of shades, be sure to check these out.  I found the eyeshadows to be a bit chalky in the swatch but did not try them on my eyes.

The pink blush shown in the first picture is the Tourmaline Pink blush retailing for $55USD.  I found the blush to be chalky and powdery both on my arm and on my cheeks. It is a pale pink blush that was too light on my NC25-30 skin tone. 

Out of the entire collection, I was most intrigued by Copper (#5) waterproof eyeliner.  This retails for $29USD and is currently the only item sold out online.

When I first saw the pencil, I thought it was a lip liner.  It is a really interesting and quite unique shade for an eyeliner.  In the bright sun, Copper fits the description of its name with a deep copper color. However, the true color is actually a light peach.

Here are swatches of Copper (#5) and Antique (#4). Both of these are released in this collection as limited edition items.  Antique is a frosty gold compared to Copper, a frosty peach.

I have nothing like Copper in my collection.  MAC's Eye Get No Kick is more of a white frost, Chanel's Taupe Stylo Yeux is no where close in color, and Chanel's Rose Platine does not have any peach in it.

In darker lighting:

I layered Copper on top of MAC's Teddy Eye Kohl to rim my lower lashes. The combination was simply gorgeous! Copper was an instant eye brightener without looking overly frosty.  Giorgio Armani's waterproof eye liner pencil are creamy and glides on effortlessly without any tugging. It came home with me instantly.  I know it's a little strange to line your eyes with a peachy shade but it really is unique.  This is also great to rim the inner corner of your eyes.

Overall, Giorgio Armani's Spring Collection offers a nice set of colors that are not the traditional pinks or peaches.  If you like pastels, this will probably tickle your fancy. 

Bottom Line: If you're on a budget, Copper eyeliner is probably the most unique item. I have been so busy this past week that I haven't had a chance to post these swatches.  I know Copper eyeliner is sold out online but you may want to check your local Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales counters (if they carry GA).   Gold eyeliner lovers will love Antique. The eyeshadow palettes are nice but not a must-have.  I was most disappointed with the texture and pigmentation of the blush.  The lipglosses are not sticky but the shades are not particularly unique.

What are your thoughts on GA's Spring Collection? Have you seen it yet?


prettyaspeaches said...

Dang it, now I want this too. Such a pretty eyeliner!

Girlie Blogger said...

Pretty colors, and certainly unconventional spring collection. I like the liners. Good pigmentation.

Rola said...

I love the copper eyeliner and the eyeshadow palettes.

Jamilla Camel said...

I think I need the blush/highlighter....

Anonymous said...

hi!! i was looking at the image of megan fox for this collection. of course, she looks stunning! if you have a chance, please look at the picture, i assume it's on the cosmetic tester unit. what really wowed me was her lip color. in the picture it sure looks like a gorgeous peachy shade. people are saying it's the pink gloss. why do they always do this? i want the shade she's sure doesn't look like a transparent milky pink??? does it to you??? thankyou! xo.

Lucy said...

ughhhh brown lip gloss, that's a bit out there for me... but I do love GA eye liners, have 3, and I hope the counter near my house has copper... I really need it :)

jeanette said...

oh god. the copper eyeliner is gorgeous. i'm such a sucker for pretty eyeliners.

Eileen said...

The copper eyeliner is undoubtedly the star of the collection as its sold out status reflects. It's such a pretty peach and will be beautiful for spring.

Eden-Avalon said...

; _ ; I can only get GA online, the nearest Nordies that carries them is like...50 miles away. Jealous but thanks for the pics!

resham said...

pretty liner....and helpful post..

Polarbelle said...

I absolutely love the color of Copper. it's beautiful. I hope they still have it at my counter.

Kristie said...

prettyaspeaches - it is! Hope you can get it.

Girlie Blogger - indeed they do have great pigmentation.

Rola - let me know which ones you end up purchasin

Jamilla Camel - it's definitely more of a highlighter than a blush.

Hi Anonymous - thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I do not know what is on her lips but I'm guessing it would be the beige shade, not the milky pink. Some times the ads have so much photoshopping that it makes the colors not so accurate. I will try to ask my SAs and see if they have an idea what shade is on her lips and let you know.

Lucy - I hope your counter has it too!

jeanette - I'm a sucker for pretty eyeliners too. I have more than I need :)

Eileen - You hit the nail on the head. It is such a pretty color that's different from all the other spring collections.

Eden-Avalon - aww I'm sorry to hear. Hopefully they'll restock it on the website soon.

resham - thanks Resham!

Polarbelle - Let me know if you can get a hold of one.

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