Dior Mystic Metallics Collection Swatches and Review

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dior's Fall 2013 Collection made its debut this past weekend. I'm not quite ready for darker color palettes, but Mystic Metallics really knows how to make statement for this fall season. The collection features 3 brand new nail polishes, 2 glosses, 2 lipsticks, and a stunning eyeshadow quint.

Destin is a complex shimmery silver pink, Galaxie is a beautiful shimmery plum, and the Mystic Magnetics (green metallic) shade is the only one with a magnet.

Although I like the shades, I'm not in love with the formula or the brush.  I personally have a difficult time getting a nice, clean manicure with the Dior brush. It's too big for my nails and I end up with a goopy and messy manicure.  I tried all 3 shades in the store; Destin went on really thick; Galaxie was slightly more forgiving, and Green Metallics was the best out of the 3.

I'm not sure if there are 2 or 4 lipsticks in this collection since the counter only had Gri Gri and Bonne Ave testers.

The two glosses are Ensorcelante and Charm.

Pardon the typo below on Gri Gri lipstick swatch. Bonne Ave and Charm complement each other.  Both are light peachy nude shades.  Gri Gri is a deep plum and Ensorcelante is really pigmented with subtle shimmers.

The star of the collection is Bonne Etoile Eyeshadow Quint.  This palette is visually stunning!

For those who love green/blue shades with shimmer, Bonne Etoile will be right up your alley.

Did anything catch your eyes? What are you picking up from this collection?


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the lovely swatches. I am definitely lemming the Dior palette. Di you get anything for yourself?

Anonymous said...

Wow, great swatches. I'm definitely interested in Bonne Ave & the eyeshadow quint is gorgeous!
PS Could you please include an Instagram link on your blog under your Follow me on...I love your pictures ;)
x Maria

Clare Visionarybeauty said...

I am really liking the look of the collection, we don't get it here until August but I think I will picking up quite a bit :) Thanks for the great pictures/swatches x

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Loving the polishes and lippies! I wonder if the color names on the lip addict extremes are reversed? Nordstrom has them the same way you do but other sites show Gri Gri as being the peachy one??? Not sure but whatever it is, I want it! :)

Ai Ellico Baja said...

The detail of that palette is awesome!

(^ะท^)-☆ Dizzy

turiscantik.com said...

Dior is fantastic :)

dontcallmejessie said...

Lovely swatches! I'm lusting after the palette and now the glosses - which weren't even on my radar! I have both lipsticks and as another stated above, they are switched in the post. I know Nordstrom has them switched as well, but Gri Gri is the light shade and Bonne Aventure is the plum. Nordstrom has caused a lot of confusion with that goof I'm sure!

clicalice said...

Galaxie is so pretty! and this palette is gorgeous :)

Estelle said...

What's the light blue polish you have on your ring finger nail in the photo of you holding the glosses? Thanks!

beautyincrisis said...

Wow you always do the best swatches! I actually follow you for a very long time as I love all your posts, but only today I realised that I never actually subscribed, so now I am officialy your new follower everywhere!! :-)

I don't want to spam by adding my link but it would be amazing if you would ever check mine as well! I'd love to see your thoughts and comments!!!


Athena_Trendsetter said...

I am loving the plums right now! Galaxie, Gri Gri and Ensorcelante are def added to my wishlist for Fall/Winter!



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