Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Collection Swatches and Review

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy new year everyone. It's amazing how quickly 2013 flew by and now we're already in 2014! Although it's only January, the cosmetics counters are already geared up with numerous spring makeup collections. As you know, I've been crazy busy the past year and haven't been able to write full posts as often as before. However, I haven't forgotten about all of you so I've been "micro-blogging" via instagram (naturalnchicmak), sharing sneak peeks of new collections as I run into them.  So for those of you who want the latest and greatest news, or just curious to know what I've been up to, you can find me on instagram via link here!

Alright, now let's get started first with Dior Spring 2014 Collection, which is now available at Nordstrom counters.

Dior Trianon Spring Collection is about soft, sheerer, pastel colors. First up is a limited edition Nordstrom Exclusive eyeshadow quint that retails for $60USD. This consists of a minty green, pale beige, shimmery white, frosty plum, and aqua teal color. There are also supposed to be 2 face and eye palettes but I did not see them at my local counter.

There are also 2 limited edition lipsticks in Allegresse (hot pink) and Rose Crinoline (coral).

 The 2 limited edition lipglosses are Petillante (coral) and Exquise (hot pink).  Petillante has shimmers and Exquise does not.

Petillante lipgloss swatches as a milky coral with shimmers, which pairs nicely with Rose Crinoline.  Exquite is darker, more opaque and can be used on its own or paired with Allegresse.  For someone who tends to pick lighter shades, I actually love the pigmentation of Exquise and Allegresse better in this collection.

 Next up are 4 new Fusion Mono Eyeshadows. 3 of the shades are matte and Trianon Rosee (lilac shimmer) is a Nordstrom Exclusive shade.

The texture of these Fusion Mono Eyeshadows are quite soft and smooth.  I really like Trianon Rosee but the color itself is tough to pull off on my darker NC30 skintone. However, if you love Chanel Illusion D'Ombre or Armani ETK, you'll love the shimmer and texture of Trianon Rosee.

Swatches of the 4 shades are shown below.  There is a matte black with white shimmers, a greyish brown matte, shimmery lilac, and a matte peachy beige.  The swatch of Trianon Rosee here doesn't do it any justice. It is actually must prettier in person and more complex.

There are also 2 blushes in the collection but I only saw Corail Bagatelle.  This is a coral pink that I suspect will be sold out very quickly.  This blush is highly pigmented, so a light hand is recommended.  It is going to be flattering for all skintones.

 Swatch of Corail Bagatelle:

And now for my favorite items from this collection, the 4 brand new limited edition nailpolishes:

Perle, Pampille, Porcelaine, and Blossom are beautiful pastel spring shades.  Perle is a pink shimmer matte top coat. Porcelaine is a cornflower blue that reminds me of Chanel Riva.  Pampille is a milky mint with blue shimmers, and Blossom is a warm peachy coral with gold shimmers.

You can see the shimmers in Blossom and Pampille better in this shot (in bright sunlight):

 When I saw Blossom, I immediately thought of Chanel June.  They're in the same color family but Blossom is warmer, sheerer, and has shimmers.

Pampille reminds me of Glacier, an Asia Exclusive limited edition shade. However in the bottle, Pampille leans more minty green compared to Glacier.

Here are the 4 colors side by side:

Despite looking absolutely stunning in the bottle, Blossom and Pampille do not look the same once applied on the nails.  Blossom is sheer and so is Pampille.  The swatch shown below is with 4 coats of Blossom and you can still see my nail line.  Pampille took 3 coats and it turned out to be a milky white shade with shimmers.  I was a bit disappointed that the pale mint green did not translate on the nails.  However, I really like Pampille as it provides a very chic manicure.  Blossom is a mix-bag. While I like the shade/shimmer, I wish it wasn't so sheer.

Overall, Dior Spring 2014 is a beautiful collection that isn't full of bright, in-your-face colors, but rather a soft palette of pastels.  I picked up all 4 nail polishes and was so close to getting Trianon Rosee Fusion Mono Eyeshadow but haven't found a way to make the shade work for my skintone. Corail Batagelle is a gorgeous blush and so are the hot pink lipstick and lipgloss shades. I think there's something for everyone in this lovely collection.  Most of the items are limited edition so grab them quickly before they run out.  Dior recently doesn't stock as much of the limited edition items as before so don't wait too long  if you see something you like.

My top picks: Perle, Porcelain, Pampille nail polishes. Trianon Rosee Fusion Mono Eyeshadow, Corail Batagelle blush
 What caught your eyes from this collection? What have you picked up?


Daisy K said...

Wonderful cosmetics and colors. :) Happy new year! :)

emmabovary said...

Thanks so much for this post, I absolutely love the look of Exquise and will definitely be trying to pick that up when it comes out in Australia

29ansa said...

your swatches are amazing. I love the glosses.

Lucy said...

I feel I will need Porcelaine from this collection in mine :)

Ellie said...

This collection is amazing!! Thanks for such an informative post and happy new year :) x

Jacqueline said...

I love your collection swatches, we can make informed choices with them. I'm eyeing Corail Bagatelle, I'm dying to try one of their blushes.

pherdita said...

I love the nail colours! unfortunately it's too sheer :(

Estelle said...

So glad you're blogging again - you were one of my favorites!

4premiere said...

Happy New Year:) I bought one eyeshadow and Perle nail polish , both are really nice but a little unexpected shade:) I lovee your limiteed edition Trianon rosee

BGissm said...

Oh how I have missed you!!!!! Happy to see you posting again.

Shelley Polarbelle said...

Great pictures!!!!! This nails down what I'll get. One gloss, two lipsticks and maybe the baby blue polish. The blush is gorgeous tho!

beautyincrisis said...

I always love your posts as I make my wishlist before I even see these beauties live in Greece!! Rose Crinoline is definately going home with me and maybe an eyeshadow as well..
So happy you are back! Missed you!!

Beauty in Crisis

Una said...

I like the greens. :-)

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